Black Box Cosmetics

Purchase Black Box Cosmetics (BBC) through this site.  CLICK HERE.  BBC offers three lines of products – Restoration, Geniskin, and Artisan Bath.

Restoration – Skin Care

Infusion AM

With two forms of Vitamin C, this product has been reported helpful for blemishes, abrasion, and sun burns. Can be used under makeup.

Defiance PM

Loaded with age-defying ingredients, this serum helps erase and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars and age spots.

Little Secret Weapon

Instantly tighten under eye skin while reducing dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Amino acids penetrate the skin quickly to achieve effects often compared to Botox.

Revive Gx

Skin lightening botanicals and 5 Alpha Hydroxy Acids offer help for large pores, acne melasma and wrinkles. See improvement within seven days!

6 Minute Miracle

See immediate improvement to your skin! A microdermabrasion treatment that leaves your face smooth and soft by removing years of damage and promoting collagen repair.

Bronzed Infusion

Have a sun-kissed look while nourishing your skin with three forms of Vitamin C, super anti-oxidants and skin-tightening botanicals.

Frost – Face Wash

Packaged in an airless container, Frost is chock-full of super anti-oxidants and bacteria neutralizers. A foaming wash that will leave your skin pH balanced and ready to receive the nutrients in our other skin products.

Radiance AX

A super moisturizer that has 43 different anti-oxidants, vitamins, extracts and hydrating oils. It is a superior product that exceeds the effectiveness of the very best moisturizers.

Sea Mask

Sea algae harvested from pristine waters eliminate toxins and bacteria in this mini face lift. Reduce pore size and tighten facial skin immediately.